The Director, Academic Planning is responsible for managing and creating courses. However, this feature can be configured to be a part of the MIS Coordinator's role.

How to locate 'Manage Course' on SRMS.

a.  Search  "Manage Courses"; as seen below

b. Click 'Manage Courses' and a drop-down list will be displayed.


How to Add(Create) Course.

a. Click 'Add'. You will get the pop-up 

b. Fill the required fields in the box (Faculty, department, course ID, course code e.t.c)

c, Check the Status Box to indicate if the added course is active

d. Click 'Save' to save the course

How to Update a Course

Select a course from the list of courses displayed, click on 'Update' and you will get the pop-below 

  • Select the course to be updated/edited from the list of courses displayed.
  • Make the desired changes and click 'Save'

How to Delete a Course

a. Select the desired course you want to delete.

b. Click 'Delete'. You will receive the pop-up below.

c. Click 'Ok' to confirm the delete of the selected course.