This feature is found under the MIS Coordinator role.

How to locate 'Configure Class of Degree Format' on SRMS.

1. Log in to your account and locate the 'Configure Class of Degree Format' as shown below.


2. Click 'Configure Class of Degree Format'. A window will be displayed as shown below.


The Configure Class of Degree Format is categorized into two (2):

a. Default Class of Degree Format.

b. Sub-Program's Class of Degree Format.    



The Default Class of Degree Format: This is the default school-wide configuration and it consists of three (3) steps:

a. Start Range: This feature determines the starting range of a class degree.

b. End Range (Exclusive): This feature determines the end range of a class degree; this means an exclusion of 0.01. For instance, if the End Range is 1.00, it implies that the End Range will be 0.99. When the End Range is configured as 1.5 the End Range will be 1.49 and so on.

c. Class of Degree: Here you will configure the class for each CGPA range. This is what will appear on the student final result as a class of degree (graduation).

How to Configure the Default Class of Degree Format

1. To create a new Class of Degree; 

a. Click 'Configure Class of Degree' to get the pop-up below.                                   


b. Click 'Add' to create a new Class of Degree.

c. Enter End Cgpa 

d. Enter Class of Degree.

e. Click 'Save' to save the Class of Degree                                                                                  20.png

2. To Configure Class of Degree, click 'Configure Class of Degree' to get the pop-       up below, make the desired changes and click 'Save'.


3.  To delete Class of Degree:

a. Click the red X sign to delete the Class of Degree and click 'Save' to save changes.

(insert sub-program explanation here)


How to Configure a Class of Degree on the Sub-Program's Class of Degree Format

1. Click 'Sub-Program's Class Of Degree Format'. An image will be displayed as shown below. 


2. Select the desired Sub-Program which Class of Degree you want to configure and click 'Configure Class of Degree'. You will get the pop-up below.


3. Enter End Cgpa

4. Enter Class of Degree

5. Click 'Save' to save the Class of Degree


How to Delete Class of Degree on the Sub-Program's Class of Degree Format

1. Select the desired Class of Degree and click 'Delete Class of Degree' to delete the class of degree; as shown below. 18.png