This feature allows you to import admitted applicants from OAA to SRMS with all their information and data with just a few clicks of a button.

The feature can be found under the MIS Coordinator role by default but can be configured to be under any role as the school requires.

In order to use this feature, your school must have been using the OAA/Admissions platform to admit applicants.

1. Log in to SRMS and search for 'University Configuration or UniConfig' as shown below.


2. Search and Locate for 'OAA URL for Data Export'. Copy and paste your OAA URL in the text field provided; as shown above.

NOTE: Make sure there are no trailing slashes at the end of the URL. To achieve this, you can press the backspace or delete key on your keyboard.

3.  From the 'University Config' search and locate 'Mac Key'. Copy the content of the key.

4. Log in to your OAA/Admissions and click 'Manage Configurations'.

5. Search for 'MAC KEY' and paste the content you copied from SRMS to the text field provided; as shown in the image below.


6. Log in to SRMS and locate 'Migrate Applicants'as shown in the image below.

7. Click on the 'Migrate Applicants' 


7. A window will be displayed; summarizing the OAA Course ID, Course, Sub-Program and Short Name respectively.

8. Click 'Next' to proceed as shown in the image below.


9. The next page will look similar to the one below, (Yours might have more data displayed in the table).

10. Scroll down to reveal the 'Start Migration' button and click on it to start the migration process.Selection_170.png

11. Click on the 'Refresh' button to refresh the table and view the status of the migration.

NOTE: The migration is done in batches of 50 applicants/students at a time. Please do not be surprised to see the number start from 0 of 500 at the beginning and after you refresh, you see 150 of 500 and so on.