The MIS Coordinator is responsible for the Student Sub-Programs. This feature allows transferring a student across departments/sub-programs.

How To Locate 'Student sub-Program'

Sign in as a 'Staff' and type 'Student sub-Program' in the search bar as shown below.

Or manually search under the MIS Coordinator role as shown below.

Click on 'Students' Sub-Program' the interface is as shown below.



  • To search for a student, it is advised to enter the student's registration number in the search field. In a scenario where the student's registration number is not known, click on 'Advanced' and more field will appear. Enter the Faculty, Department, Sub-Program, and Level, of the student you are searching for and click search for as shown below

  • Also, before a student is transferred from one subprogram to another, courses from the previous sub-program/department have to be created and configured into the new sub-program/department before proceeding with the operation. Failure to do this will result in a failed operation.

 Click on the highlighted student and the details (Registration Number, Last Name, First Name, Faculty, Department, and Sub-Program) of the student will appear in the fields next to the search bar as shown below.


Click on 'Faculty' and a drop-down will appear with options to change the faculty of the student.

Click on 'Department' and a drop-down will appear with options to change the department of the student.

Click on 'Sub Program' and a drop-down will appear with options to change the Sub Program of the student.

Click on 'Update' and a pop-up will appear indicating a successful update.