The Director, Academic Planning is responsible for managing and creating courses. However, this feature can be configured to be a part of the MIS Coordinator's role.

How to locate 'Manage Course' on SRMS.

a.  Search  "Manage Courses"; as seen below

b. Click 'Manage Courses' and a drop-down list will be displayed.


How to Add(Create) Course.

  • Click 'Add'. You will get the pop-up below;

  • Select the Faculty to which the course will be added.

  • Select the Department to which the course will be added.

  • Enter preferred CourseI
  • Enter the Course Code
  • Enter the Course Title
  • Enter the Course Unit
  • Select the Course Type
  • Check the Status Box to indicate if the added course is active
  • Enter comment (optional).
  • Click 'Save' to save the course 

How to Update a Course

Select a course from the list of courses displayed, click on 'Update' and you will get the pop-below 

  • Select the course to be updated/edited from the list of courses displayed.

  • Make the desired changes and click 'Save'

How to Delete a Course

  • Select the desired course you want to delete. Click 'Delete'. You will receive the pop-up below.

  • Click 'Ok' to confirm the delete of the selected course.