To configure courses to your department, you must be assigned the Department Exam Officer role. 

Kindly follow these steps to learn how to;

1.  How to Configure Courses on SRMS

a.   Login to your account with your username and password.  

b.   On the left side of the screen, locate and click the 'Department Exam Officer' role.  All the privileges assigned to you will be displayed.

c. Click 'Configure Courses' as marked above. 

 A similar interface as the above will be displayed, proceed as follows:

  • Select your preferred 'Sub-Program' as marked '1' in the above image.

  • You can also select the Session, Level, (but the session is pre-selected to the current semester and the Level is always set to start from 'Level One' as default).

d. Click 'Add Course'. A window with a list of courses to be configured will be displayed as shown below.


  • Select the course that applies to your department from the list on the left side of the screen.

  • Select the course 'Classification'  marked '3' (i.e Core or Elective). 

  • Click on 'Add Course' to add the selected course to your department

  • Repeat for all courses to be added/configured to the department. 

d. Click 'Remove Course' to remove any wrongly configured course.

In subsequent sessions, you do not have to configure courses just as above, you only need to export configuration from one session to another. As long as there are no changes in course content or new additions.

5. Click 'Export Configuration' to export all configured courses across all levels and semesters; as shown below.

If there are any new courses or updates on course configuration, do the steps from '1' above to add the course after exporting existing courses.


1. If you are a DEO and you cannot see the Department Exam Officer role in your account, please contact your HOD to assign the role to you.

2. Please pay attention to the course details displayed on the left-hand side as depicted above. Make sure the only course that appears with your department name is added/configured. Failure to do so will cause complexities during registration and inputting results.  

3. Please DO NOT change the course information such as Course Unit, Course Code or Course Title.  Doing this may cause complexities during student registration and computing student result. Please contact your HOD or MIS Coordinator for any change in the course information.

4.  You cannot remove courses that have been registered by a student. To remove a course that is already registered by students, drop all students using the Add/Drop feature before proceeding to remove the course.

5. Before you will be able to configure courses to your department, the MIS Coordinator or Director Academic Planning (DAP) must have created the courses. If you cannot see any of your courses kindly contact the MIS Coordinator for resolution.