The Edit Students' Score feature is used to edit Student Scores if the Score Entry Time Frame has elapsed before results are reviewed or approved. With this feature, you can edit a student's score without re-opening the score entry time frame. 

 a.  Click Edit Students' Score on the left side of the screen as shown below.

A list of all the students in your department will be displayed, you can also search for students with their registration numbers or names. (We recommend using registration number when searching). 

b. Click the student you want to edit as highlighted with the blue color in the above image.

c. Choose the level and semester 

d. The student's courses will be displayed (The current semester will be displayed by default. To change this, click the semester marked in red as shown below to toggle between semesters where updates should be made.

e. Make changes and click 'Save' to save the changes.


This feature is not available to course lecturers. By default, only Exam Officers, HODs and MIS Coordinators are eligible to use this feature. If you are an Exam Officer or HOD and you do not see this feature in your account, please contact the MIS Coordinator for resolution.