You can Configure Pre-Requisite Courses on SRMS with just a few clicks. Kindly follow these steps to learn;

1. How to manage/configure pre-requisites.

a. Locate and click 'Manage Pre-Requisite Courses'

b. Select the sub-program you wish to configure. The courses configured for that sub-program will be displayed on both the left and right sides of the screen. 


c. Select a course from the left side of the screen and select its pre-requisite from the right side of the screen

d. Click the 'Add Selected Pre-requisite Course' to add. To remove a course, click the 'Remove Pre-requisite Course' to remove a course from the list.


If your department has pre-requisites, you will need to configure them properly using this feature for the best and desired result.  Kindly note that this is applicable after you have Configured Courses to your department.