The View Course Enrollment feature is found under the Course Lecturer role. It enables lecturers to view and generate a report on the number of students that have registered the courses assigned to them. 

Follow these steps to learn how to view and generate a course enrollment report.

1. Locate and click 'View Course Enrollment'

To view or generate a course enrollment report for a single course, follow the steps below.

  a. Click 'View Course Enrollment' as described above.

  b.  A window will be displayed as shown below;

  c. Click the 'Select Semester' drop-down list and select the semester you want to view courses enrolled.

  d. After selecting a semester, all the courses assigned to you in that semester will be displayed; as shown below.

  e. Select the desired course from the list of courses on the left side of the screen. The list of the students who have enrolled the course will be displayed on the right side of the screen as shown below;


  f. Click 'Generate Report' to generate the course enrollment sheet.