The Grant DEO Access to Edit Score feature is found under the Head of Department (HOD) role. It allows the Head of Department to grant a Departmental Examination Officer (DEO) the access to edit students' scores for examinable and non-examinable courses by setting a time frame in which they can edit scores.

The following steps will teach you how to grant DEO access to edit scores.

1. Locate and click 'Grant DEO Access to Edit Score'

To grant DEO access to edit scores for a single student, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Click on 'Grant DEO Edit Privilege'. A window will be displayed with the list of students in your department.  You can search for a particular student using the search box either by name or registration number.
  •  We recommend using the registration number when searching.
  • Click on the student you want the DEO to be able to edit scores as highlighted with blue color in the above image.
  • The student's courses will be displayed (The current semester will be displayed by default. To change this, click on the
  • semester marked in red as shown below to select the semester where updates will be made.
  • Click on the check-box to select all courses OR click on the check-box for a particular course.

  • Click on 'Grant DEO Edit Privilege', you will get the pop-up below;

  • Click 'Start Date' to set the start time frame.
  • Click 'End Date' to set the end time frame.
  • Click 'Save' to grant access.