The Students Registered Courses feature is found under the Head Of Department role. It enables the head of a department to view all students registered courses. Also, to generate all registered students' course reports.

Kindly follow these steps to learn how to view and generate student registered courses.

 1. Locate and click 'Students Registered Courses'


2. A list of all students will be displayed. You can search for a particular student using the search box either by name or registration number. (We recommend using the registration number when searching.)


Or you can use the advanced search: Click "Advanced link", select "Sub-Program" and "Level". Afterward, click "Search"



3. From the list of students displayed, click the student you want to view the Registered Courses.



4. After you have clicked on a student, the list of registered courses by the student will be displayed.


5. To generate a single student report, click "Generate Single Student Report", the report will be downloaded in a PDF format.



How to generate all registered students course report

There are two types of reports that can be generated for all registered students courses;

1. Generate Report

2. Generate Summary Report

To get started, click 'Click here to generate all registered students course report' 


After clicking on the link, a form will be displayed. Select a sub-program, semester and level


A. To generate Report, click "Generate Report", your file will be downloaded in a PDF format.


B. To generate a summary report, click "Generate Summary Report", your file will be downloaded in a PDF format.