The Head of Department can Defer a Student for a semester and session. 

1.  How To Defer Student

To defer a student for a semester and session, kindly follow these steps.

a. Locate 'Defer Student'. There are two ways to do this;

i. Log into your account and type 'Defer Student' into the search box as shown below.

ii. You can also locate 'Defer Studentunder the Head of Department role as shown below

b.  Click 'Defer Student'. A window will be displayed as shown below.

c. A list showing all the students will be displayed. You can search for the student either by name or registration number using the search box. (We recommend using the registration number when searching.)


OR; You can use the advanced search by clicking on the advanced link. Afterward, select the Faculty, Department, Sub-Program, and Level. Click Search.


d. From the list of students displayed on the screen, click the student you want to defer.

e. Afterward, the student's last name, first name, current level, semester, and the session will be displayed.

  • Click the 'Level' drop-down to select the student's level.
  • Click the 'Semester' drop-down to select the desired semester and session.
  • Click the 'Comment' box and enter a description.
  • Click 'Defer Student' to defer the student.  


f.  You will receive the response, 'Student deferred successfully' 




1. Repeat Steps 1 - 4 when you want to defer a student for both the first and second semesters.

2. In a situation where a student's scores have been inputted for the semester and session they want to defer, the system will not allow courses to be dropped without dropping the scores.  When the student's scores have been dropped, you can proceed with the deferment.