The Payment Report feature is found under the Bursary Section. This privilege allows the user to view all payments made.

How to locate 'Payment Report'

1. Log into your account and locate or search the 'Payment Report' as shown below.


2. Click 'Payment Report'. A window will be opened displaying three categories of Payment Report

 Full Payment, Part Payment, and Summary.

1. Full Payment: This category shows all payments made in full by students.

Click 'Full Payment' and a list of all payments will appear.

a. To search for an individual record of a student, a student ID or Registration number is required. Enter the Student ID/Registration Number in the search box.

b. The List of selected fees can be printed out in two formats: PDF and Excel, select the format and click 'print' to download.

c. To search for specific entries like Year, Level, Department, Program type, School Fees, and Date.


2. Part Payment: This category shows all part payments made by students.

This allows students who have paid part of their fees(50% and above) to view the payments made, receipts cannot be viewed or printed until full payment has been made. 


3. Summary: This category displays both Full and Part Payment with a graphical representation.

Click on 'Summary'.