This feature can be found under Reports and Statistics.

How To Locate 'Registered Students Report'

1. Log in to your account, locate or search 'Registered Student Report'. Click on it.




a. Generate Report: This feature allows the user to download a pdf file of all the registered students in a specific department.

b. Generate Report (Custom Fields): This is used to generate specific reports based on the selected fields. Click 'Generate Report (Custom Fields)' and select the fields you would like to view and click 'generate report' to download the report.


c. Generate Summary: This allows the user to download a summarized report.

d. Generate Sessional Report: This gives a summary of all students (BSc, PGD, Masters, PhD)

 e. Matriculation List: This shows the list of students that matriculated.

 f. Non-Registered Student: This displays a list of students that have not been registered.

 g. Population Analysis Summary: This shows the user a graphical representation containing the summary of all the student in a department and also indicates the number by gender.

 h. Allows you to download the file in either PDF or Excel format.