If you are a Course Lecturer and you need to Generate an Attendance Sheet for the course(s) assigned to you, the following steps will explain how.

a. Open the Course Lecturer drop-down list and click 'Generate Attendance Sheet'

b.  When you click the 'Generate Attendance Sheet', a window will be displayed as shown below.

c.  Click the 'Select Semester' drop-down button and choose the semester for which you want to generate an attendance sheet.

d.  After selecting the semester, all the courses assigned to you that semester will be displayed as shown below.

e.  From the list of courses displayed, Select the desired course on the left-hand side, while the students who registered for the course are displayed on the right-hand side. 

f.  Click 'Generate Attendance Sheet' to generate the attendance sheet for the desired course. You cannot generate attendance sheets for all the courses assigned to you at once.


1. Before you can generate an attendance sheet, students must be registered for the course. Else, the page will come out blank. 

2. If you click Generate Attendance Sheet and it's not showing any semester, please note that no course has been assigned to you. Kindly check with the Head of Department.