The Bursar is in view of the Online Payment Logs. This feature gives a detailed report on students' payment transactions. It shows if a student payment is Successful, Unsuccessful, or Pending.

How to locate 'Online Payment Logs'

a. Log into your account.  Open the Bursar drop-down list and click 'Online Payment log' as shown below. 

b The 'Online Payment Log' has four(4) results; as displayed above.

i Successful: This shows a list of successful payments.

ii Unsuccessful: This shows a list of unsuccessful payments.

iii Pending: This shows a list of pending payments.

iv All: This shows a combined list of successful, unsuccessful and pending payments.


How To 'query Pending Transactions'

The 'Re-query Pending Transactions'  feature can be used to fetch transactions from the payment gateway when the student has made a payment but is unable to print the receipt, and denied access to course registration.

Kindly follow the steps below to 'query Pending transaction'.

a.  Select a transaction. Click on 'Query Pending Transaction'  You will get a pop-up; as displayed below. A Pop-Up window shows the status of the queried transaction.