The Students Sub-Program feature is found under the MIS Coordinator role. It affords the benefit of migrating students from one department to another.

Kindly follow these steps to learn;

How to manage/update students' sub-program.

a. Locate or search and click 'Students' Sub-Programs'

b.  Click 'Students' Sub-Program' as described above. A window will be displayed with a list of students. (You can search for a particular student using the search box either by name or registration number. We recommend using the registration number when searching).

c. Click the student you want to change or update their department.

d. Click the 'Select Faculty' drop-down list to select the desired faculty.

e. Click the 'Select Department' drop-down list to select a department.

f. Click the 'Select Sub-Program' drop-down list to select the desired subprogram.

g. Click 'Update' to save changes.