In this section, you will learn how to properly configure hostels. The flow of configuration are as follows

Hostel Configuration.

Block Configuration. 

Room Configuration.

Bed-space Configuration.

The above mentioned configurations allow the user to properly handle the creation of the institution's accommodation.

Hostel configuration is used to configure hostel type, capacity, and available slots.

This privilege can be found by searching for the 'Hostel Configuration', either by typing it out in the search bar or manually finding it under the MIS Coordinator/Student Affairs Officer.



On the user interface of the 'Hostel Configuration,' there are three buttons namely: Add, Delete, and Update.


Add: This button allows you to create a new hostel, in order to create a new hostel you must have the following values: Hostel ID, Description, Capacity, and Available Slots.

Hostel ID: This is the hostel identity, it can be an abbreviation of the hostel name, or the actual name of the hostel e.g. Male Hostel or MH.

Description: The description of the hostel is the name of the hostel.

Capacity: The capacity is the total amount of bed space in the hostel.

Available slots: This is the available amount of bed-spaces, the available bed-spaces can never be more than the capacity of the hostel. e.g  If the capacity of the hostel is 500, the available bed-space can never be above 500.


After entering all the values into their designated fields you click 'save' and a prompt will appear indicating that a new hostel has been created.


Delete: As the name implies, this feature can be used to remove a hostel that was mistakenly created or a hostel that is no longer needed. This can be done by selecting an existing hostel and clicking delete.

A prompt will appear as shown below


NOTE: Before a hostel is deleted, you must make sure that all blocks, rooms, and bed spaces under the hostel have been removed. (How to manage block configuration, How to manage room configuration, and how to manage bed-space configuration).


UPDATE: To update a hostel, click on the update button, notice that the values are the same as when you are using the Add button, the only difference is that you can only edit values for Description, Capacity, and Available Slots.


Once these values have been updated, click 'Save' to finish with the updates.

Once the hostel has been created, you can now proceed to create a Block (How to manage block configuration).