The block configuration privilege is part of a general configuration for accommodation.

Note: Blocks cannot be configured unless a hostel has been created.

Block Configuration allows you to add blocks to an existing hostel, update, delete, generate rooms in a block and also how much the bed spaces in a room cost. 

To find the 'Block Configuration' privilege, you can type it in the search bar as shown below.


or you can find it manually under the MIS Coordinator/Student Affairs Officer as shown below.


There are different buttons under Block Configuration namely Add, Delete, Update, and Generate Block Rooms.

Add: The add button allows the user to create a new block. In order to create a new block, the user must input the following parameters.

Block: This is the name of the block e.g. New male block.

Block Type: This indicates the gender the block is meant for e.g. Male/Female.

Description: The description of the block could also be the name of the block or an abbreviation of the name of the block.

Cost Per Bed Space: Amount to be charged per bed space.

Status: This describes the state of the hostel e.g. New/Old.

Hostel: Indicate the Hostel from the list existing hostels (all blocks must be placed under an existing hostel).


After all fields have been filled, click 'Save' to create a new block.


As seen above, the new block has been created.


Delete: To delete a block, first select the block you want, then click delete as shown in the image below.

a. Select a block

b. Click 'Delete'

c. Click 'OK'


A pop-up message will appear, click 'OK' to delete the selected block.

 NOTE: Before a block can be deleted, ensure that all rooms (How to manage room configuration) and bed-spaces (How to manage bed-space configuration) have been deleted.


Update: To update a block, select the block you want to update and click on the update button, notice that the values are the same as when you are using the Add button, the only difference is that you can only edit values for Block Type, Description, Cost Per Bed Space, Status, Hostel.

a: Select a block.

b: Click 'Update'.

c: Make all the necessary updates and click 'Save'.



As seen above the changes made affected the 'cost per bed space'.


Generate Selected Block Room: This button allows the user to create a certain amount of rooms in a specific block, this process automates the creation of rooms.

a: Select the block you wish to create rooms in.

b: Click 'Generate Selected Block Rooms'

c:  A pop-up box will appear.

d: Click 'Generate Block Rooms' to automatically generate rooms in the selected block.


 (How To Manage Room Configuration).