Bed-space is a Space in which an individual bed is or is intended to be placed, especially regarded as an area belonging to the bed's occupant. This privilege allows the user to Add bed-space, to Delete bed-space, and to Update existing bed-space.

This privilege can be found by searching for the 'Bed-Space Configuration', either by typing it out in the search bar or manually finding it under the FS Admin role.


There are three buttons that can be found in the bed-space configuration privilege namely: Add, Delete, and Update.


How to Add.

To add a bed-space click on Add and a pop-up window will appear. In this pop-up window, the user enters

Block Type: This indicates the gender of the block e.g. Male/Female.

Block: This displays a list of already existing blocks.

Room NumberThe number of the room where the bed-space is located e.g. Room 1.

Bed-space NumberThe number of a specific bed-space in a room e.g. Bed-space 1

DescriptionThe description of the bed-space can be the same as the bed-space number e.g. bed-space 1

After all the fields have been filled click on Save to add a new bed-space in an already existing room.


How to delete.

To delete an existing room, follow the steps below.

aSelect an existing room

bClick Delete

cA pop-up window will appear, click OK

NOTE: the user can not delete the bed-space(s) if it has already been occupied by the student(s) (How to manage reservations)

How to update.

This button allows the user to make slight changes to an already existing bed-space. Unlike the Add button which allows the user to create a new bed-space in a room the update button only allows the user to change the description of the bed-space

a: Select the bed-space. 

b: Click update.

c: Enter the value in the description box.

d: Click save.