Manage Hostel Booking is used to allocate bed space to students who have paid for accommodation. The timeframe for hostel booking varies depending on the school's configuration; between 2 days to 4 days.

Note:  Bed Space can only be allocated to students who have made a successful payment. Also, students have to pay for school fees before proceeding to reserve their accommodation.

How to locate 'Manage Hostel Booking'

There are two ways to locate 'Manage Hostel Booking'

1. Type 'Manage hostel booking' in the search bar. As shown in the image below;

To search for Students allocation status, kindly follow the steps below:

a. Click 'Select Block'. Choose a block from the drop-down menu.

b. Click 'Select Level'. Choose a level from the drop-down menu.

c. Click 'Start' to display a calendar and choose a specific date to start the search from.

d. Click 'Stop' to display a calendar and choose a specific date to end the search.

e. Click 'Search' and a list will appear showing the various allocation that can be found within the inputted parameters.

f. Click 'Print' to download a copy of the search result in either PDF or EXCEL format.


To search by receipt number or student ID, please follow the steps below:

a. Enter either the receipt number or student ID in the indicated field.

b. Click 'Search'. 

C. Click 'Print accommodation form' to download a copy of the search result.

What happens if you can't find a student's reservation?

 If a student's reservation cannot be found after making payment for accommodation, it means that the reservation has expired.

To 'Add Reservation'

a. Click 'Add Reservation'

b. Enter the student's ID and highlight 'Direct Allocation'.

c. Click 'Save'. The student's details will appear

c. Click 'Confirm Reservation'

d. Enter the student's ID in the highlighted field below and click 'search' to confirm that a room has been allocated to the student.