Student's arrears refers to the overdue payment a student is meant to pay over a period of time, be it a semester or a session.

This feature can be configured to be a part of the MIS Coordinator's role. You can use this feature to add arrears, delete arrears and update arrears. 


How to locate 'Manage Student's Arrears' on SRMS.

1.  Search  "Manage Student's Arrears'; on the search bar or click on the role its being assigned to as seen below

2Click 'Manage Student's Arrearsand a drop-down list will be displayed.

Input the Student's name on the search bar

3. A drop bar by the right indicating the  students name, Session, and options to add, delete and update as seen below.

The Add is used when outstanding fees are to be added. To add,

4. Click on 'Add'. A drop bar showing the student's name, session, fees, and amount will appear on your screen

5. Click on 'fees', options of several fees will be displayed, Click on which fees the student is owing.

6  Click on 'amount' and input the outstanding amount 


The Update is used to edit fees and add more fees 

a.. To add fees Click on the ,

b. Click on the drop bar by the right indicating the  students name, Session

c. Click on update

d. A drop bar that has the session, fee item and amount pops, Edit the session, fee item and amount.

e. Save