This privilege allows the admin to configure the type of programs in the school e.g. National Diploma (ND), Degree, N.C.E e.t.c. On the interface of the application type privilege, you will see three (3) buttons namely, Add, Delete and Update.

How to Add Application Types

Below are the steps to be taken in order to create a new application type.

1.    Click 'Add'

2.    Enter the required details in the fields

  • ID (This is a unique identifier)
  • Name (Name of the application type)
  • Description (A short description of the application)
  • Duration (The length of the program)
  • Mode (Full-Time/Part-Time)
  • Fees (Amount to be paid for the application form)
  • Charges (Extra fees to be paid)
  • Status (This indicates if the application type)

3.    Click 'Save'

4.    The newly created application type will appear.

How to Delete Application Type

1.    Select the application type you wish to delete.

2.    Click the 'delete' button.

3.    Click OK on the prompt and the application will be deleted.

How to Update Application Type

1.    Select the application type you want to update.

2.    Click on 'Update'.

3.    Update/make changes to the fields you want. NOTE: ID cannot be updated because it serves as a unique identifier.

4.    Click 'Save' when done