In this section, you will learn how to configure hostels properly. The flow of configuration is as follows

1. Hostel Configuration: This includes adding the details of the hostels, such as their names, hostel type, capacity, and available slots.

2. Block Configuration: Define the rates for each hostel block based on factors such as the type of room and occupancy and generate the number of rooms in a block.

3. Room Configuration: Gives the ability to create, edit and delete rooms in a block if need be. Rooms can only be created as long as there is an existing block. The description of the room can be either the room number or the name of the block the room is located in. 

4. Bed-space Configuration: This is a Space in which an individual bed is or is intended to be placed, especially regarded as an area belonging to the bed's occupant. It allows the user to Add, Delete, and Update bed space.

5. Hostel Distribution: This allows the admin to specify the bed space availability at each student level to make reservations.  

6. Manage Hostel Reservations: This feature allows the user to allocate or reserve a specific bed space for a student. It also allows the user to view all Allocated, Vacant, Reserved and Booked bed spaces. 

The configurations mentioned above allow the user to properly handle the creation of the institution's accommodation. It can be configured to allow students to browse, select and book available hostels or allocate random hostels by the system.