1. Click "Prayer".

2. Click "New Prayer" 

3. Give a title to the prayer. E.g: "Request to approve graduating student results".

4. You may add more details in the description box. 

5. Select a category for the prayer. E.g "Results"

6. Click "Attach File" to attach a file. In the case of results, this can be imported from the Student Records Management System (SRMS) on SAFrecords or from a local file. 

7. Click "Get From SRMS" if you want to retrieve from SRMS.

8. Select all the required criteria. 

9. Click "Physics With Electronics"

10. Click "Get Result" 

11. Click on the "eye" to preview the result.

12. Click "Attach Results" 

13. Select a reason for the prayer request. E.g: "Compassionate"

14. Click "Initiate Prayer" to initiate the prayer. It will appear as a list item. 

15. Note that the prayer is automatically identified with the upcoming Senate Meeting.

16. Click on the prayer item to view and submit. Click on "Submit Prayer" to submit. 

17. Click "Yes"

18. Note the status has changed to "Submitted"